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Aporte original por: Doug Hardt ,


Same strobe problem with my relatively new Kenmore.  If under warrantee, have them fix.  If not, you may be able to fix easily with above suggestions which all have to do with fixing the electrical connection to your light assembly (the main one).  My biggest problem was detaching the light assembly.

You have a light assembly in the freezer and two in the main compartment, only the top one in main is important.  Removing it was the hardest part for me: this link helped:

Still, neither a screwdriver nor a putty knife (nor other tools) helped (I was somewhat timid).  I happened to have pliers that would open over 2 inches - using them made it easy. The first time, you may have to orient over each of the two tabs to get it to work.  A gentle pinch on the front/back of the assembly worked like a charm (may have to move the assembly around once it partially drops to fully detach).

The light assembly pops down with one pair of wires to a relatively wide connector and one pair to a narrow connector - in my case the problem one.  The connectors remove somewhat easily be holding in tabs on the back of the connectors but they can be hard to find.

I left the power on as no bare wires were exposed - but taping the light switch (on the door frame) would provide greater safety (regular tape worked for me) (unplugging fridge is best - but then you cannot get instant feedback on what works).  Sometimes, just trying to detach the attachment worked, some times moving the wires worked, some times unconnecting/ reconnecting the narrow connector worked.  So far, all have been temporary.  Will try the contact cleaner approach if failures continue - otherwise I guess you replace the light attachment board.

Class action unlikely but for those who use the Internet (not me usually) please try to complain as loudly as possible on forums/whatever that shoppers might see.  I suspect this is a huge con designed to sell service contracts (in response to my "My old fridge lasted over 15 years with no service - why would I do that?" the salesman said "but these have fancy electronics").  It's a single lousy electrical connection!