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Aporte original por: Kris Roberts ,


Screen Image blurry and moving (Looks like it is trying to focus)


My Surface pro 4 has been doing this for a long time. It began when I tried to play different games such as StarCraft and Age of empires III. Without fail the Surface would get hot in the back and I would have to turn it off for a while. That was about a year ago and I hadn't had any problems since until recently when It began happening while I was browsing the internet or streaming movies. The surface still gets hot (not as hot as before but warm) and the screen begins to flicker and or become blurry. I paid almost 2500 for this product thinking that I would not have to buy a new one for a very long time. I don't mind replacing any faulty parts but I want to make sure that I know the exact part that needs to be replaced. Can anyone speak to if this issue is caused be the degradation of the screen over time or is it another component that is causing this problem?


Microsoft Surface Pro