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The link above is your service manual. If you are receiving an error code, you can reference the meanings of the codes starting on Page 6-1 and start troubleshooting from there.

Then go to Page 3-16, with the "Washer won't fill, rinse or agitate; washer stops" troubleshooting section. Work through each question to make sure the basics are covered.

Then, I would start testing the components. Start with the lid lock sensor (Page 5-3), then try the water inlet/dispenser valve assembly (Page 5-1). After this, I would go to Page 6-10, and perform the TEST #2 Log Valve.

If all these tests pass, go to the Diagnostic Guide on Page 6-4, and start working from there and systematically work through the operation to find where the fault lies.

Once you get the washer to start filling, then you can troubleshoot the wash/agitation, but most likely, it isn't washing/agitating because there isn't enough water to start the wash cycle, but I would expect that you would see an error code - specifically "LF" for taking too long to fill.