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Aporte original por: Miles Erickson ,


I replaced my similar Early 2013 15" MacBook Pro's keyboard using...

This part, which includes replacement screws:

These tools:

This tutorial:


I printed every page of the tutorial and laid out all pages on a table. When I removed screws, I placed them on the circles representing them on their respective pages. When I removed parts, I placed them on the pages instructing their removal.

(note: the tutorial was for Late 2013 but I found the internals of my Early 2013 MBP to be physically identical)

Removing the keyboard (not covered in the tutorial) was a destructive process but it was very straightforward and all of the rivets popped out easily when I peeled the keyboard back. The replacement screws went in easily. There were not quite enough of them for all the rivet holes, so if I did it again I would buy additional ph#000 screws with the repair parts.

The computer worked immediately upon reassembly. Everything is perfect!