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Original post by: Smartfone NI ,


I was actually just testing this last night as i own a repair business.

iphone 7 and iphone 8 both original screens .

my way of testing iphone 7 screens (mine all use the original apple lcd and touchscreen)  is to attach the screen only , no front camera or home button. It will appear to boot loop but it takes 4 mins 10 seconds to get eventually to home screen . During some of this time i use it to check for any visual defects on LCD.

now my findings were the iphone 8 screen booted up in the same time 4 mins 10 seconds on the iphone 7.  LCD fine but touchscreen not working at all.

HOWEVER........ it has only came to light that ios 11.3 is preventing iphone 8 users that have had a COPY screen on their iphone 8 now have no touch.  Copy screens worked fine on previous ios.

i am wondering if the iphone 8 touchscreen would work on my iphone 7 if the 7 did not currently have ios 11.3 installed . I would bet my bottom dollar the touchscreen would operate as normal.