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Aporte original por: Deanna Mintz ,


Brickfence on eBay used to do good work. Must be under new ownership or management lately though. Sent my LB in over a month ago - like closer to two months for a warranty repair. They got ahold of me first saying that they would be replacing the suspect components and returning it to me. Two days later it was "we are doing further in depth testing". Then two days later it was "your GPU is bad; we are crediting you $79 dollars towards that repair and we are replacing the GPU and sending it back to you." Several days after that it was "your logic board is bad and does not work so we are having to order a new LB. Please get back to us and let us know what you want to do." The computer worked fine and only shut down when on the internet when sent to them. Called them on their changing story and the fact that their screwing around most likely damaged the LB beyond hope. They made threats to quit doing business with me, claimed my LB was "out of warranty when they received it" in February even though my three month warranty started after Christmas when it was received in 2017, and were talking only crediting me $64 towards the new LB. Seriously !#^&@@ with these people. Best bet is to get a new or refurb LB from NYC or something and put it in yourself. iFixIt is a great site with lots of DIY vids/pdfs.