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Aporte original por: Lane Jasper ,


Absolutely do not replace the logic board, that is a very fast logic board as it is and you have fast Ram as well, all you need to do is put a solid state hard drive in it and call it a day. You don't even need to do the Dual raid setup and it would still be 15 to 20 times faster than it is now but rating a couple of solid state drives would certainly give you even more but it's not worth buying a new logic board for a very very unnoticeable only slight boost in performance. The solid state hard drive will give you much more performance by a long shot then replacing the board with an i7 processor that's going to cost you three times as much as a couple of hard drives and a mounting bracket for the second one. So definitely leave the board alone you also risk of damaging the unit if you don't know how to replace the board anyway and you definitely don't want to do that so just slap a large solid state hard drive in it or two of them if you want to give up the DVD drive and call it a day that thing will scream with a solid state hard drive in it and it'll scream even faster with two of them at only a third of the cost. If you left the hard drive in it and replaced the board to an i7 board you'll barely notice the difference whatsoever. Do NOT update the waste if money and if you damage something then you have to replace it and you still won't see a boost in performance you'll simply only get it running again and you'll still want more performance and end up putting a solid state hard drive in it anyway so just do that from the get-go. The higher end logic board might give you a 10% increase if that wear as a solid state hard drive will give you more like a 40% increase in speed at least.