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Aporte original por: Brian Sorli ,


Thanks for the many instructions and suggestions provided here.   I wanted to provide my input since I was having pretty much the same problem as everyone else and finally able to fix with a couple key suggestions.

First, my unit is also the Ionic Breeze Pro model and it originally had to wires that ran the length top to bottom that had warn and broke.  My process was as follows:

* Disassembled my Ionic Breeze (many screws to keep tabs on and stored in a pill bottle)
* Following someone else suggestion and '''purchased some .009 Electric Guitar Strings from Amazon ''' to replace my broken and failed units.  '''Amazon part used to replace the strings was: 20-Pack Economy Single Electric Guitar Strings Bulk .009 High E (Extra Light) 09 Gauge, Individual Packed ''' -
** Note - One of the beads (glass from what others have said) was lost from previous breakage and failure, so during reassembly I only restored the one bead unit that remained.
* The guitar strings worked will after removing the usual hold cable pin holes on one end and then looping it through the M (bolt) and Spring interface located at the the top.
* I then wrapped the other ends of the two (2) cables through the bottom inserts and tied a knot binding the two cables together like original that was one complete assembly.   Length of cable was a guess based on the position and groves that hold the assembly in place. I got lucky and my estimate was close if not a little tight. 

As referenced in another comment above,

S. Perez suggestion was spot on and my new string assembly and cleaning did not work at first.

Per his recommendation, I had to take apart the top cover and button control that holds the spring loaded hold down top interface and the two (2) plastic boxes.  Mine was supper tight, and all I did was back off the screws just a tad and this may also have related to my new strings being too short (I don't know).   I just had to back them off a little to give the spring some play. Not exactly sure what this does, but adjusting the screws and backing them off a little loosened things up and now my unit is back in business and pushing plenty of air.

Hope this helps someone with their repair and let me know if you have any questions!  :-)  Sorli...