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Aporte original por: Aick Anka Cell ,


the possibility of the regulator on the battery has been damaged, try to check also the charging point on the battery is NTC batteries (negative thermal coefficient) and sense sense path, this must be connected properly from the battery regulator to the battery connector in pcb. if it breaks then the filling will not increase. for iphone condition restart and battery percentage scramble, try check the swi battery path (serial wire interface) on the battery, this line is in charge to read the capacity of battery that is stored in realtime in iphone interface via cpu. if the line is broken, failure measurement occurs then it's iphone restart. I give a detailed explanation about this, maybe friends here yet not much know about analyzing the damage. but for these conditions we can test easily, by replacing the battery only.

it's for trouble on battery.

if the problem happens on the logic board ?????

for a swi battery there is a fixed resistance value or under normal iphone conditions. if the value is less than 50 ohm or> 50 to achieve normal resistance, then the external circuit required to achieve normal, compared to the risk to replace the cpu. needed formula or simulation of electronics, who want to ask may .... already sleepy ....