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Follow the instructions to sync. I have had my Propel HD Drone for three months nd it's still going strong! I did clip  house that  broke one of the support  arms. I ended up purchasing two plastic bodies from Propel for  whopping $3.50 each! Believe me when I say it was  real P.I.T.A. to swap the motors/board/camera! For starters their are 32 micro screws! 7 on each arm and 4 on the body! My biggest problem was the routeing of the wires to the plug that plugs into the camera! The wire is "threaded" thru  couple holes in the lower half of the shell. Had to de-solder/re-solder 4 very small wires! I had the experience and the proper sized soldering gun.

Price Update

From above;

"absolutely no service. $200 for the drone and $60 for the new body and no response to emails from the company."

$200 for the drone? Mine cost me $80.00 new.

$60 for  "new body" , really? Currently $4.99 on the Propel web site.

I realize the prices are high when first manufactured . Just go to the company web site to get current price/availability on parts. Whats really odd is that allot of the HD drone parts "out of stock"

I'm using the HD drone as a trainer. Once I get good flying this drone I'll upgrade to  DJI Phantom Pro

Yes the HD Video Drone is  "cheap drone" but I'd rather train on  "cheap drone" rather than an "expensive drone" !