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Aporte original por: Alex Heisler ,


Home button not functional


It started with Touch ID failing. Then the home button wouldn't wake the device, but once it was awake with the power button, the home button would work. Now the home button doesn't work at all. I took it to uBreak iFix and they tested the home button and it was not the issue. At this point, the phone was 3 years old, so I upgraded to the 7 Plus, but I still have this phone sitting in a drawer. I got the home link cable and replaced that last week, but there still is no function in the home button. Someone on Reddit who claims to be an Apple technician said that replacing the display will fix it, but that doesn't seem right on the 6 since the home cable isn't integrated into the display like the 6S is. I'm really only doing this to maybe resell the phone and I just want to know if it's even worth doing to try to sell it. It's the 128 GB, so maybe there's some value there, but if that eaten up in parts cost, I won't bother.


iPhone 6