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Original post by: Jessica Jozwik ,


I have the snap touch 1.0 camera with the power icon on the pop-up flash button. I think it's the first one. I have never needed to update the firmware. BUT It's been having trouble printing. I got an "[ERR] scale fail" message  when trying to print the last picture I took. The older pictures print. I tried to update the firmware, but found confusing directions on the Polaroid website that were different than the directions in the text file in the firmware zip file I downloaded. Neither worked. I tried updating the firmware form the SnapTouch App. I could get as far as "Download", and then "Sync" within the app, then nothing. App buttons stopped working. My phone is using iOS 11.2.6. I found this post, followed the steps, and installing the latest firmware worked! BUT now my snap touch camera won't connect to my phone. Says the device isn't supported. I still get the print error code. :(