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Aporte original por: Gazzamc ,


PS4 Not powering after HDMI Port Repair


I bought a known "Broken" PS4 with the White Light (Damaged HDMI Port), It powered up fine with no signal. I replaced the HDMI Port and re-routed a pin when a pad was lifted during removal of the old port. When trying to test to see if the HDMI replacement was successful I get Nothing, No beeps or Lights.

I've tested the PSU with a multi meter and i get 11.8v, I tore the console down and re-assembled several times just in case i missed anything. I even removed my replacement port in case there was a short with the soldering and tried without the port installed. Would the PS4 still light/beep without one?

I've now ordered a replacement PSU just in case it is that. Is there anything else i can try?

I'll also add that when dissembling the console the first time that thermal paste did get on the transistors around the APU. I cleaned it with a toothbrush and alcohol. Could this be the issue?

Appreciate any answers, Thanks.


PlayStation 4