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No Light on screen totally black 5s



The home button on my iphone 5S was not working so I thought I would open it up and have a look. I wasn't able to fix it so I decided to close it again but the screen was just black although it did vibrate and it could receive calls ( i just couldnt see anything on the screen).

I decided to open it again and check the connections from the LCD screen to the phone, I took all 3 of them out and put them back in but that still didnt work. I did notice that when I pressed the switch off button, the light did come on the actual LCD screen but just not on the phone. Also when I re fitted the LCD wire to the phone, it made a vibration. All the connections seem fine and the backlight does come on. Can anyone help me as to how I can get the actual screen get the light and touch. thanks


iPhone 5s