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Aporte original por: Mel ,


Hello Jeremy & Co.

I've been waiting for a day to patiently take the printer side off and tackle this problem - today! I've followed the excellent trail of breadcrumbs offered by @jermn  and @erichmusick, but seem to be missing a few things...

1. There is no metal coil/spring.

2. My white plastic part appears to be broken - among other things the square bit of plastic to appear in the small front window is round, and I don't see any tab on it sturdy enough to engage levers. Does anyone know what this piece is called?

Lastly, I see a small circular mount (the 0 of it faces the side, so it's horizontal from front) - does the white piece pivot on that or is it irrelevant? Incredible the lengths we'll go to avoid dumping an old printer in landfill!

Many thanks, Mel