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Aporte original por: Sam Sheehan ,


WD Passport Ultra Strange Recognition Issue


Hi Community!

Been scouring for hours upon hours and tried everything to get my passport ultra to become readable again.  External hard drive was plugged into Mac doing a Time Machine backup, got bumped and was yanked out and dropped 1 ft to ground. Now having strange issues where it is only somewhat discover-able.

Have tried a number of different computers, cables, etc.

Plugged into a my Mac, I can't find it under anything. Plugged in, light goes on flashes and solid light goes on.  But unrecoverable on explorer or when searching for drives on Time Machine.

On PC - Will show up under Devices & printers for ~30 seconds when first plugged in, then will beep, and disappear.  Not discover-able under Disk Management, as so many answers have stated on different threads. Doesn't show up as a drive under  File Explorer.




Western Digital My Passport Ultra