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Aporte original por: Venancio Zuniga ,


If you have the images on your computer (or if you can scan them in) you can use a program called Inkscape. This is a free vector drawing program, but the neat thing about it that makes it useful to you is that you can set up the page to be the size of the paper, you can put all the units in mm, load the image into it, and scale it such that it is 1 to 1 in millimeters, save it as an image you can print, and print it (disabling any stretching, fitting to page, or boarder protection features to make sure the image doesn't get resized in the process. You could make the image just big enough for the image of the print, add in inches marks as a guide, and put the image in a word document and line up the guide marks, and then print it from there so you don't have to mess with any scalling settings built into the printer).