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Aporte original por: Erich Rienecker ,


The JBL Pulse 2 USB fails all the time.  JBL makes warrantee work quite difficult to get.  Heres how I fixed the USB port.

1. Remove rubber ring on the bottom . Warm it up with a hair dryer or heat gun, its hot glued on.

2. Unscrew the four silver screws you find under the rubber, remove the vanity ring.

3. Unscrew the four black screws you rind under the vanity ring.  Gently pry between the grate and this part and loosen this structural part.  Its attached to the rubber strip that has all the buttons, so your just going to bend it back.

4, warm up the black diaphram with the JBL logo in the middle and peel it off carefully..  Again.  hot glued.

5. Locate the plug in the middle (white) with one red and one black wire attached.  Labeled "GND VUSB"

6. Remove that plug.  (this is the charge power from the broken usb port)

7. Get a 'PH2' connector with pigtails from your buddy who flys drones.  (or get one on amazon)

8. Drill a small hole at the base of the black USB/aux in plastic into the body of the speaker

9. Plug in the PH2 to the GND VUSB port, run the wires out the hole.

10.  Sacrafice an old USB charging cord for a camera, or this speaker,  cut it, expose the red and black wires. Solder red to red black to black.  Cover solder joints with shrink tube.

11. Plug it in and see if it charges!   if So.

12. Put the diaphram back on with hot glue,  then step 3 and 2 in reverse, then make sure you figure out how to line up the black rubber ring before you stick it back on with hot glue.  (Its got high and low spots.  ask me how I know)