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How do I Replace Joystick Component?


== '''Intro:''' ==

Being somebody who plays Super Smash Bros. Melee, my GameCube controller (DOL-003) really takes a beating. Keep in mind this is the "Bundled in the Box" original controller that came with my GameCube years ago. With the intense game play associated with the game, my joysticks have suffered quite a bit. I continued use with the original controller to the point where the original joysticks failed. When I talk about the joysticks, I mean the actual component on the circuit board that takes that mechanical input and turns it into an electric input. So I looked for a replacement and found some cheap things on ebay.

== '''Attempt at a Fix:''' ==

When I first got my joysticks, they seemed pretty nice, they were a more firm feeling joystick than the spongier ones on the original controller. I used my knowledge of soldering to remove the old ones and replace them with the new ones. Each joystick had six connections, three for both axis of control. Only problem is that the original ones on the controller used a screw mounting system where as these ones used a soldered connection to keep it in place. That means the new ones had ten connections; it still had the six connections for the axis control, but it had four extra connections for mounting to the board. These four extra connections didn't fit in the old board, so I had to remove them. This setup worked for a short period of time until one of them broke. Trust me, they are cheap, garbage that break after a month or two of use. You'd think it would have broke because those four support connections are gone, but what actually happened was the mechanical connection to the electrical component on the Y-axis broke. Essentially the joystick can only do side-to-side motion, but not up and down.

== '''What do I do?''' ==

So, now I am in this situation where I can't find a suitable replacement, and there is no way I am about to drop $50+ on a new genuine controller, or get a used one. How do I find the same joysticks that match the original but are new? (OEM). I have looked all over the place, and have had no luck. If you are able to tell me where to get such joysticks, it would be greatly appreciated.


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