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Aporte original por: YASH HARMALKAR ,


I bought 3 PS4's at a price of one ;)

1st i bought a used ps4 2013 model (fat part glossy) from a seller for Rs15,000 ($240 approx) Yes i am indian and brand new PS4 costs here around $500-$600. This PS4 i got with 2 controllers and 2 games.

2nd PS4 2015 model (fat full matte) i got from my neighbour for free as this PS4 had BLOD problem.  I took it from him as my 1st PS4 had CD load in/out problem.  so that i could swap the CD-ROM from this console. But both were of different model.

Later i sold the 1st PS4 for RS 18000 with single controller and game.

Recently again i bought a PS4 slim with HDD issue CE-34335-8 for $150 which was 5 months old still under warranty and had 2 games and 2 controllers. Bought the console home and gave the HDD just a tap. And VIOLLA it started working without any issues.

Yesterday i just removed the 2nd PS4 and used the new power cable just to check if its on or completely dead.  Because i wanted to sell it on OLX and the HDD was removed as it had 1TB HDD and i was using it as a Portable HDD. But to my surprise that old console also started working. kept it on for the entire night without HDD and it was on. Today i will put a new HDD in it and check if its in a good condition. If yes i will give it away for free.