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Aporte original por: Cayce Kelley ,


The absolute first thing you should do is contact Nintendo support. If you've modded your switch, however, you're probably going to have to replace it yourself.

If you want to replace it yourself, it'll be tough. The analog stick uses a series of sliders and resisters to control movement, which is kinda cool, but it means that there are a lot of tiny parts. If you want a decent look at how to partially disassemble it, look at the video "The Ultimate Nintendo Switch Mod!" from The Ben Heck Show on Youtube. Although they don't fully pull it apart, it shows you how to get it open, and what to expect on the inside of it.

For taking apart the rest of the Joycon, you should also take a look at JerryRigEverything's video "Nintendo Switch CLEAR EDITION! - DIY Transparent Switch. This video is by far the best video I've seen, and shows every step of taking it apart.

Just remember that you would only have to get to the Analog stick assembly, so you would basically pull off the battery and battery plate and you would be at there.

For that, you would need the tools, a tri-wing screwdriver and a basic Phillips head screwdriver - you can find cheap kits on amazon for $15 that come with some extra parts, if you want that - and you would need a replacement joystick. I've spotted tons of them on Ebay, including people selling 10 of them for $1.50.

I suppose it's worth a shot, just because the joystick is completely broken, but I personally wouldn't be willing to mess with it- it looks pretty difficult to do.

Alternatively, you could get a full replacement analog stick assembly, which I just saw on Ebay for $22, though it ships from China and would take quite a while to receive.

For this, you would also have to get the appropriate tools and take apart the joycon.

Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure that you contact Nintendo first. Because that analog stick is so unique, it will be pretty difficult to get it fixed, and the parts are pretty expensive.

Good luck,

- Cayce