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Original post by: Charisma Murray ,


I contacted Polaroid's Customer Support and they gave me instructions on how to resolve this problem. Here it is below.

Please follow the steps below to update the firmware on your Polaroid Snaptouch. Please be sure to have your micro SD inserted into your device and please make sure the device is powered on while plugged into your PC/MAC.

1. Please go to

2. Please click "Support" then choose Snaptouch

3. You will now scroll down to "Download Firmware"

4. Please download the correct firmware based on the model design you possess.

5.Once you have downloaded the firmware, please open up the Snaptouch file.

6.You will now copy and paste three files onto the root directory of your micro SD card.

(PRINTER.BRN, snaptouch.bin, z21_rx_ic.rbn)

7. At this point, please power off your device, unplug the device from your PC/MAC.

8. Now power your device on and the firmware will begin to download.