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Aporte original por: Joshua Harris ,


How to fix after being submerged in a river?


I basically found what I'm assuming is a mac book pro along with a charge in a river with a friend of mine. While the charger itself seems to work fine (little glowing green light comes on), the laptop isn't responding at all. There is still some water, sand and other "river muck"  in the laptop and possibly the charger. We tried the charging thing but nothing happened not even  a  "frying" problem. There's also  a screw missing in the laptop.  Given the situation, something illegal or shady might have happened or some was just really drunk/high or lazy when getting rid of their computer. Is it possible to fix it? If so, how?

Also, if there is a possibility of something illegal/shady on this laptop, do I turn in to police before anything else?


MacBook Pro 13"