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Aporte original por: Judd Maroney ,


Hi I know I'm a little late to the party, but I had this problem, found this thread, and ultimately solved my issue.  The root cause for me was a POS (Piece of ...) Radeon display controller.  Google "radeongate."

Late 2011 MBP.  15".  I took it to the Apple store.   They ran a diagnostic.  Told me that my video chip was dead and I needed to a new system control board.  "Unfortunately, we no longer carry those..."  Ebay:  $450.  Screw that.

I was just about to bake my system control board in the oven when I did a verbose boot and googled some of the messages I saw.  I ended up finding realmacmods.  This process worked for me when all the PMC PRAM etc wouldn't.

At the bottom of that link is a permanent (disconnect a component from the board) solution that I may do if upgrades start failing.

Good luck.