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Original post by: Rachel Acosta ,


You may find one or both of [|this guide on Patagonia's website] helpful. If you have more questions, they seem to have a place to ask them (it's the same framework, so it'll work like it does here).

If you don't have a hand press, [|here's a guide] that might be more helpful. Or you can see if there's a [|Patagonia Worn Wear event near you soon], as they might have a hand press and/or expertise you could use.

The main steps you'll want to follow are:

1. Determine what size and type of snap you have.

2. Remove the old snap.

3. Install the new snap.

However, as it sounds like all the snaps are present but not functional, I'd also suggest [|checking this out] for ways to fix them without replacing the whole snap.

You got this!