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Aporte original por: Sally Zhang ,


Camera App and Flashlight Not Working


I'd dropped my Huawei P9 a few months ago and the screen broke pretty badly. I finally ordered a LED+Digitizer from iFixit and got my screen replaced just last week. But now, when I try to open my camera app, the black rectangle animation of the app opening just barely reaches the edges of my screen before the app crashes/force closes. I've tried seeing if the camera will work on other apps, but it will force close Instagram and just gives me a black screen on Messenger.

I went back to the guy who helped me replace my screen. He opened my phone up again to check the camera pins and he said the camera pins were fine. He even connected my phone to the old screen again to see if there might've been an issue there(?) but the camera app and flashlight were still not working. He insists that it's a software issue and that I need to factory reset my phone, which I'm all but ready to do, but I wanted to reach out into the community and see if anybody had other ideas about what the issue might be.

It's a Huawei P9 EVA-L09. My camera and flashlight were working absolutely fine before the screen replacement. (Everything was still working smoothly except for the screen, really.)

Thanks in advance for any help!


Huawei P9