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Original post by: Marry Rose ,


Upgrading Alienware devices to windows 10 is not a difficult task, except few settings you just need to follow the right steps and you will get Windows 10 on your Alienware M15x.

'''Steps to Upgrade Alienware M15x to Windows 10:'''

Step1: Update your BIOS or keep it updated.

Step2: Disable Secure Boot from the BIOS

Step3: Restart your system

Step4: Start tapping F2 when the Alienware Logo shows up

Step5: Inside the BIOS go to the Boot tab

Step6: Go down and highlight Secure Boot

Step7: Press Enter and select Disabled

Step8: Press F10 to save and exit

Step9: Run all the available updates on your current Windows version before performing the upgrade

Step10: Uninstall your video card driver from Programs and Features in the Control Panel

Step11: Now you can perform your Windows 10 Upgrade

If you face any problem while upgrading to windows 10, you can call at our support center to get online help by experts and solve your Alienware problem safely.