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Aporte original por: John ,


I never did anything more complicated then brakes and i am in the middle of this head and intake on my 96 olds silhouette, i am on over hour 100 and all my parts got mixed up when they got kicked, mine started out according to all my reading not even put together right from whoever, main wire harness run around left by belts and alterantor upside down,  just a couple of many, i had no clue what a push rod nevermind seal and saw in my feltpro kit they had em so i am doing them, 3 left, now being out of money and lost both cars in a month i have to get this done, i am doing everything maybe overdone but i had sludge shooting all over under the hood for a month so this mess is insane and cleaning everything is harder then taking it apart, heres questions, sanding my own heads is my only financial option, you tube says start with 120 grit which to me is too rough and finish with 220 is to rough so i'm starting with 220 then 320 then scotch bright, so what grit would be safest? I  have 3 valve seals left to do and only a few parts left to clean but with everything off the block looking at pistons whats the best way to flush that with no drain plug, been using some hivh dollar wd40 degreaser and wd to keep it moist overnight, every part has and is being cleaned to like new painted a few parts cause why not after all this), where can i find a diagram of the overall engine that shows how gm built it to look and my plug wires got mixed and my coil is marked with grease pencil alot different then i saw on a how to, where can i find the actual correct list of firing order, i am a perfectionist and my family is counting on me to have this done this week! Please help