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Aporte original por: Scott ,


unfortunately, it is poor policy for a professional to bypass the password, and get access to anothers data, so most reputable stores wont even gather the knowledge to do that. it is considered "Hacking" and in some states and provinces is actually illegal to practice due to privacy laws.

however, if you are the owner of the phone, it will be linked to your google ID.  as long as you have that, run a factory reset on the device, and it will erase the passcode. on re-activation, it will ask for the password to your google ID instead. this is the ID you use to access the app store, and is able to be reset if you dont remember it, with a couple security questions.

Resetting the google id will require you to wait 24-72 hours before using the new passwords to activate a recently reset device.

be aware, a factory reset will erase all user data on the device. anything not backed up, will be lost, and is not the responsability of this webpage.