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Aporte original por: Chris ,


I see a lot of you are having this issue... I am having several issues after converting to a white iPhone 4. Fist of all, my proximity sensor is not working at all. I have yet to test this ideas, but will be doing that tonight or tomorrow. Depends on when I get my pentalobe screw driver.  The other issue I am having is, my wifi reception SUCKS. I can get wifi connected, but it has a very small range. I have tried replacing the wifi antenna on the dock/home button assembly thing. Then I cleaned all of the contacts, and I have tried re-arranging screws. I do know the EMI cover on the top of the phone has a long screw on the top middle. That really affects WIFi, but that is put in correctly and the silver conductive ring is still on there. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I appreciate your time!