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Usually, you can try to change the whole keyboard. it's safer than changing separate keys, but more in-depth than using stickers.

MSI provides guides for the complete teardown of their machines, as a PDF, with photos, references parts number, references for each screw, and torque applied to each screw (it's far more that you would expect from any teardown guide xD )

You model seems to be chassis MS1771 :

From here, you can search for an AZERTY keyboard which matches your part number. Although I can somewhat recommand Aliexpress because they're basically the open doors of all chinese factories, you may want to take a closer look to you regular shops around you ! For my MSI laptop (a CX61-2PC, so the chassis reference is MSI16GB), I could find an AZERTY keyboard replacement at a local store in Rennes, France. Peel down every page on Google with the part number you're searching for, and you may find a store near you where you can order a new keyboard ! (I had an extreme luck living in Rennes and having that precise shop in Rennes that could order my keyboard, and for a smaller price than what I found on Aliexpress !)

(you may find that part number while looking at Aliexpress beforehand, I already had the part number because I had to change my keyboard for the same one, it was dead).

I know this topic is 2 years old but maybe somemone passing by will read this and be grateful. I hope it may help someone ^_^