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@parzival this from the SM:



1. Raise vehicle and support. Remove rear wheels and brake drums. Place drain pan below differential

cover. Loosen, but DO NOT remove, differential cover bolts. Break cover loose. Allow lubricant to drain.

Remove differential cover. Remove differential pinion shaft lock bolt.

2. On non-locking differential assemblies, remove differential pinion shaft. Push outer flanged end of axle

shaft toward center of vehicle. Remove "C" lock from axle shaft groove and from counterbore recess in

side gear. Remove axle shaft from axle housing.

3. On locking differential assemblies (with thrust block and clutch packs), move pinion shaft part way out.

Rotate differential case to lock pinion shaft against carrier housing.


4. Using screwdriver, rotate "C" lock until its open end faces thrust block and "C" lock is aligned with thrust

block sides. See Fig. 2 . Push axle shaft inward. Remove "C" lock from thrust block and axle shaft groove. Remove axle shaft from axle housing. See Fig. 2 .

CAUTION: DO NOT hammer on axle shaft flange.


5. On all assemblies, insert Axle Bearing & Seal Remover into axle housing behind bearing. Attach Slide

Hammer (J-2619) and Adapter (J-2619-10) to bearing remover. Remove axle bearing and axle seal. See

Fig. 3 .