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iPhone 6 & 6S Flickering after Battery Replacement *SOLVED*


I have been mainly refurbishing iPhone 6 & 6s batteries over the course of the last 2 days & have came across some interesting stuff dealing with the screens flickering after replacing aftermarket, even OEM parts.

What I have come to find is that if you are wanting to replace just the battery without removing any of the LCD/Home Button/Front Camera,etc. flex cables DO NOT just unplug the battery with the phone still ON. Unplugging the battery with the flex cables still attached (without even removing the bracket holding the flex cables down) while the phone is ON, then reconnecting a new battery will cause the screen to flicker most of the time, even if its an OEM screen… Id say its about a 80% rate the screen will flicker if using this technique by not powering down the device with the power button and sliding power off.

If you want to replace the battery without removing the flex cables, POWER DOWN the device by holding the power button and sliding power off. Wait around 10 seconds (or the amount of time it takes you to unscrew the bottom screws & battery screws). 100% of the time I use this technique I have had 0 screens flicker.

I have tested both techniques with over 50+ phones over the past 2 days. All using the same replacement battery from the same vendor.

It does not matter if the screen is OEM or aftermarket. You will get a flicker MOST likely if you use the first technique I explained. Some iPhones did have an exception where the screen did not flicker when I disconnected the battery with the phone still ON.

I do not know the ins & outs as to why this is the case but I have found of this will cause your screen to flicker in the 6 & 6s.

I have not tried any other models yet as I am only refurbing i6 or i6s batteries currently.

Just thought Id throw this information out there to save the anxiety for people if this ever happens to them.

From what Ive read the flickering should go away after hours of leaving the devices on but I am unable to test that part since I pass the phones on once refurbished.

So if you want to avoid your screens flickering. POWER THE DEVICE OFF USING THE POWER BUTTON & SLIDE POWER OFF & Be patient.


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