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Aporte original por: Meaghan ,


So recently, I a beer tipped over and split all over my MacBook Air 2011 edition. I took it to a local store and they were somehow able to get the device to function again (Not sure how after the damage it was making an awful sound).

They said they did not see any damage to my motherboard, but the internals were very sticky. They had it for about a week and then I got it back. Seemed to be running great, expect my fans were constantly running on high. I downloaded software to allow me to control the fan system as it was pretty annoying and distracting sitting in class. Im assuming the fan system had something to do with the internal heat sensor being out of whack, because I've been monitoring the temperature of the internal devices and they appear to be normal. I don't know much about computers, but I do know enough about water and technology and that wacky things can happen after.

Seemingly believing the computer was fixed, I plugged in headphones into the headphone jack to listen to music while studying. Everything was working great until I unplugged the headphones and went to my next class.

The next time I opened the computer, my mouse was frozen in the left hand corner of the screen. I've tried many things on my own to fix it and also brought it back to the repair shop and they also can't figure it out. Everything is still working correctly- the keyboard, the keyboard backlight, an external mouse, and the trackpad even registers clicks. I am able to click on the apple logo and the drop down menu appears.

This is so weird and frustrating as I have no idea what happened. Anybody have any ideas? Could a reset work? Or should I just stick to the external mouse?

Also- is it dangerous to computer to be using an external mouse when this happens.

Note to self: liquids stay far away from electronics!!! lol