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Original post by: LG G5 Owner ,


How to fix LG G5 Screen Split issue using Heatgun.

Disassemble LG G5 using the link below.

Disconnect the Wifi Cable (Black One), Rear Camera, Front Camera.

Now with just the logic board, place it on a surface that won't melt.

It should look like the picture below. Warning don't take off anything else

Turn on your heatgun and apply left right motion only concentrating on the cpu metal plate for around 15 seconds.

Do the same thing on the opposite side of the cpu plate.

Let it cool down for around 10 minutes.

Put it back together and it should work.

I did it atleast four times, first time it worked but failed after few minutes.

Second and third time was not working at all.

The fourth time I did it, it was working.

It's been a while and it still going.

Credits to the poster.