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Aporte original por: Yah ,


Doesn't turn on after standby.

This seems to be  a common problem on many printers of this series, but the solutions presented here are just a workaround. You have to go and unplug your printer each time you want to use it. Quite silly for a WiFi printer...

I've dug a bit deeper; the problem lies in a supercapacitor 5,5V 0,22F on the main pcb motherboard. It's unable to keep a charge and therefore the printer fails to come out of standby.

You can get to the pcb by removing 9 screws, unplugging a few connectors and a bit of fiddling. Go in from the top, remove the scannerbed and work your way down. The supercap itself is a throughhole part that's easily replaceable with a standard soldering iron and costs around €2.

Good luck fixing this chinese piece of $@$* and getting your money's worth out of it!!