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Aporte original por: Paul ,


Hello, I was doing a search and did exactly the same thing as what the poster of this question did.  I realize this question is about a year old but checking to see if the original poster did get it fixed or if he took it to someone to get fixed, but what did that person do about getting a new solder point elsewhere on the board?  Maybe use one of the tiny circular test points as George Mathew suggested, and if so, which one?

And just a side comment, I examined the middle connection of that battery cable and it just seems like that one is soldered differently from the other two (on either side of it), as the ones on the side easily came off with the same amount of heat applied to the middle one and the middle seems to have its contact point above the circuit board because when I examined the old battery terminal, there was no residual solder or what looks like a foil contact on the bottom like the other two connections on the sides had. Sounds like an Apple manufacturing process designed into it so do-it-yourselfers cannot do as what we attempted ;)