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All forums discussing gluing broken nylon gears insist that there are no glues available that will hold these parts together for long ... I tore apart a HP 6700 printer with the exact same issue (the drive gear split due to someone  feeding heavy card stock) ... dismantling these printers is  not a task for the faint of heart ... well over a hand full of screws and parts before I could actually remove the axle with the gear ... appear to carry this gear but only sell them in lots of 10 or more ... at less then US$1  each it might be worth a try to pick up a package ... further because there is room on the shaft I may install 2 gears side by side so if a gear breaks again I can just cut the broken one off and slide another one in to place using the hole mentioned  above.  On a side note: a number of these HP printers have built in printer heads which is apparently another weak link with high failure rates ... I connected up the scanner portion of this all in one but the scanner will NOT function unless ALL the printer parts are working including the heads ... most people suggest only purchasing models that have heads built in to the ink cartridges ... attempting to fix a printer with permanent heads may not be worthwhile especially when these printers seem to go on sale for less then $100 ... also pricing for ink vs toner printers, the ink printers are still around 1/3 the cost