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Aporte original por: Andre ,


Can this be why some units don't recover after HDMI *AND* IC replacement?

I heard that maybe 40% of chips online are fake, some work in 720p only but most do not even run.

Fortunately unless you are a complete klutz or used plumbing solder this is repairable, I personally remove chips with Chipquik and extra Fluxite, though pricey it is very efficient.

(if you want to make your own the formula is available though not as good)

I did find that weighing fake versus genuine is an effective method for these and fake memory cards, the fake will be substantially lighter on a microscale from Ze Finest Greedbay but the cheap ones can be h@x0r3d with some effort.

Repeatable measurements to 0.01g and you can see airflow movements!

Will share my modification as soon as its complete, had it all apart again to add temperature feedback.

Even broken scales are repairable with the right parts from CPC, Farnell, RS, Micro, etc.