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Aporte original por: stefanshapkarov ,


Phone super slow and overheating after dropped in salt water!


I was on vacation and i didn't exactly drop it in water i just had it in my back pocket when i got my pockets wet. It turned on because i got a snapchat notification and i reacted soon took of the battery and put it in rice. I had it in rice for 24 hours and when i tried to power it up again it did, but the display didn't work. I left it like that for 2 more days (Until i got back from vacation). At home i still didn't turn on. I send it on repair, but they didn't accept my garantion because they said that i had dropped it on the floor before. When i got it back it did turn on, but now it is seriously overheating and it is super slow. Please help me, i don't have the money for a new phone and i really need this.

I also did a factory reset. I am trying to use it but it is super laggy and overheated, making it unusable.

Any suggestions?


Samsung galaxy s5 neo