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Aporte original por: Jordan Fichter ,


I just got the Alien mod yesterday and can't charge on my wall plug block either. I have been reading everything I can find and I think the answer is actually simple. You just aren't getting enough power through the wall block.  Example is as follows:

Wall block output on mine = 1 volt at a max of 1 amp.

Standard USB port = 5 volt at a max of 1.5 amps

My batteries are 3.7 volts at a max of 35 amps. 1 volt is so low that it just won't power the battery. I would suggest going to your local dollar store and buy a wall plug that puts out a minimum of 3 volts, 1000ma. Should cost you about $1 plus tax and they usually keep them at the cash register or in the cables section depending on the size of the store.