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Original post by: Steve Blanco ,


This happen to me as well but my screen went black after booting past the LG logo. Later if I hold the power button the screen comes on displaying the power options with half static and the other half working fine. Oddly I would have to tap simultaneously in order for the LCD to catch the my touch. If I went into the recovery mode it stay on and displayed all the recovery options.... Weird huh, but the screen was still split but bearly noticable that it was split. I removed the battery unscrewed all the screws removed the cover on the CPU chip and got a heat gun and heated around the chips. The cover needs to be carefully removed in order to place it back on the motherboard. After a few minutes of heating I pressed down on all the chips(be careful it's hot!) and then held it until it cooled down enough to stick again. Carefully place the cover back on the chips and reverse the steps to put everything back together. Turn on the device and your problem should be solved.