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After one of the OTA's (Over The Air) for the watch I noted that after leaving my watch on the charger for a day I would come back and it was totally dead.

-   I would take my watch off the charger and put it back on but nothing.   I tried this repeatedly,

-   I replaced the USB cable, nothing.

-   I sent it to the repair shop and it started charging for them right away and they sent it back to me "No Trouble Found".

Here is What I Found:

After it was at 100% for about five hours,  my watch started to discharge until it got to 0 and then shut down. Leaving it on the charger is not good.  I had to leave it off the Charger for 15 minutes and then it started charging again and when it was at 100%, I had to make sure I got it off the charger before five hours passed.

Hope this helps.