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Aporte original por: Peter Bond ,


I have the same issue with two Gigaset phones. (810s and 79h)

The batteries have been changed and it is always the same behaviour. The phones get charged over night (at least it seems so); the batteries show a 'full' sign. If I use the phone it takes a couple of minutes and it switches off (sometimes immediatly). Putting it back in the craddle it starts charging für 24 hours or so; then the same thing again.

I put the batteries on an external charger and fully charge and it does the same.

I swap the craddles and it is the same.

I swapped at least 5 different kind of batteries and always the same.

I use normal 1,5V Batteries and all seems working fine then. In my opinion, the phone does not operate well with 1,3V akkus.

I discard them now and buy another brand.