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iPhone 5s is having troubles with the telephone network


Hello, since this weekend my iPhone 5s is having troubles with the telephone network.

During a phone conversation, there was a cut.

I tried to call back my correspondent unsuccessfully. I tried to send a text message, and it couldn’t be delivered.

I then restarted my telephone, but I did not yet manage to make a call.

I eventually exchanged with my correspondent with Facebook messenger. Which worked very well.

Afterward I was able to exchange text message with a friend who also has an iPhone, via the exchange of iPhone messenger it also worked.

I thought that the problem was settled and I did not restart my telephone again.

It is only the next day, by trying to send a text message, that I noticed that the problem was not settled yet.

I restarted it again and I received text messages from the day before, and missed calls.

Since then, it went out and flared up again alone ... It had done this once last week.

And I sometimes receive text messages 30 minutes after they are sent to me ...

And it was overheating at some point the last week also.

Has anybody already had this problem and if yes is there a solution?

Thank you