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(Sorry but english is not my main languaje). You wouldn believe this, it might sound stupid, BUT i had this problem for months, replacing the screen like 5 times. i tryed EVERYTHING, but finally i got a solution, i cleaned the connectors, cleaned the board, checked everything. My dad is an electronical engeneer, and told me that screen ghost clicking might be the contact between metalic parts, at first we thought the problem was the metalic layer at the back of the lcd screen, but the problem persist, so, we found out that the metalic layer, was making contact with the rest of the components (the small metalic layers that cover the connections of the battery and the lcd and digitizar conectors, those small layers that have 2 or 3 screws).

the solution was: we got tape, the tape you use to close boxes, transparent adhesive tape. i extended two lawyers, and put them against each other, to not leave rests of glue in the internal parts, and cut this tape at the same size of the screen, and i placed it at the back, i didnt took of the metalic layer on the back of the lcd, i just placed it between the metalic layer and the internal parts of the phone. i put it toghether, closed the phone and ready, the tape isolated the metalic layer to avoid contac with the rest of the parts, i must say this sounds crazy and the phone looks awful with that tape inside hahahah but it is the solution, trust me. mybe somebody could use the idea to make something more stetic. bye