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Aporte original por: Bob Stewart ,


I had  bought a spare MFC 495  cw because it was on sale and thought I would use it when my old printer died well it sat for a couple years brand new never used and then I tried it and no black printing this is right of the box brand new. I did multiple cleanings called support and explained what happened and basically no assistance other than wasting more ink  with the tech support woman. In the end it still does not print black and no advice or help from brother to fix this. Last time I buy a brother, because they could care less I even offered to send it back and they could check that it was never used, but they cared less. They may have helped people in the past but that is long gone. My friend bought one like this and new out of the box it had an error basically the error was saying it was dead, and he ended up with nothing just like me.