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Aporte original por: TonyMan ,


Ok, since the new one started with the pressure problem I had to do some research. 1st off cleaning the needle is not the cure it's the clean up of the problem. The water backs up and pressure forces grounds back up the supply needle. Yes, you fave to clean it out so the next cup doesn't get the grounds, but not the cure. The issue has to be with the kcups them selves. Wife had good cup I had the bad one. Looking at them the bad one was bulged and when I opened it up all the grounds were pushed to one side and the filter mesh inside was ripped. The good pod, when opened for comparison, showed the grounds evenly distributed with a concave in the middle where water was pushed down and filtered evenly. So this tells me it is probably the cups them selves. A comment above mentioned that he taps them to break up the grounds before brewing. This sounds to be the best plausible cure which I will try. Think, how long do these things sit around be fore bought and used? I have cleaned this unit many times and both needles. Go through the box and shake them to see if there clumps.