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Message: Phone Freeze SIM unavailable please contact service provider


I have been given two old Samsung flip phones: A411 and C5220 which are all Telstra prepaid phones. No SIM or documentation. When inserting my BOOST SIM card which is operated on the Telstra network the phones work fine. I want to use a SIM from a different provider but the phones come up with:

Phone Freeze SIM unavailable please contact service provider.

I tried this new SIM in another phone and it is activated and works fine.

I checked on both old phones with *#7465625# and only the network lock is ON, all other locks are OFF and as I mentioned before, the phones work fine with a Telstra network SIM.

I rang Telstra and they kindly supplied me with the network unlock key for both phones based on the phone's IMEI numbers. Yet, I could not enter this code and the phones come up with the Phone Freeze message. As soon as I put the Telstra network SIM in again the phones work okay.

I rang Telstra back again and they said that I will have to contact SAMSUNG since the phone freeze is due to too many wrong tries to enter the unlock code and I will need to get an 'unfreeze key' (MCK?) before I can try to enter the Telstra network unlock key.

Did contact SAMSUNG on live chat and they ask me to do a master reset with *2767*3855# . It is still 'Phone freeze' for the non telstra sim but works again with my BOOST sim! I told them that I don't think the phone is not working but might need some other code.

They answered: 'I do get your point there, however for us to remove the phone freeze we would need to have the technicians look unto the mobile phone since even the Master Reset did not fix the issue'. I contacted the recommended local Samsung repairer but unfortunately they are asking for quite a lot 'just to have a look'.

Can someone please help to save these phones from the recycling bin?


Phones Samsung C5220 and Samsung A411