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Help Sourcing A Component!


Got an 820-00045 in for repair at the moment (liquid damaged). Ultrasonic cleaned it and there is damage to Q7430, a couple of capacitors above it and the fuse.

The capacitors are not a problem, but I can't seem to find the MOSFET anywhere. Don't have any on my donor boards either (as far as I can see, the component is specific to the 12" Retina models). Don't have any donor boards for this series, kicking myself for not buying some last year, since I can't get any now.

Attached an image of the component in the schematic and on the board itself (between coil and tantalum capacitor). Any help  finding somewhere to buy this would be appreciated, shame for it to be unfixed due to not being able to get this part :)

Also side note: in schematic it has an APN (Apple part number?), which could explain why I cannot find any available.




Retina MacBook 2015